Art of Mime
      by Janet Carafa 


      Mime * Physical Theater *  Pantomime * Choreography * Theatrical Mime * Movement Theater       

Concert Performance
Print Ads, TV
& Film
Museum Mime
Mime Around
the World
Yoga of Mime
Silent Fortune
Corporate Promotions
Store Window Mannequin
Event Producer



                                       MIME PERFORMANCE WORKSHOPS

                                          Breaking the Silence -  Ultimate expression
By Janet Carafa



                                     CLICK HERE   TEEN MIMES WORKSHOP   
                                      CLICK HERE MAYOR  VISITS MIDDLE SCHOOL MIMES                            
   CLICK HERE   ELDER CARE AND ALZHEIMER SUPPORT                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

 In each workshop, Janet  performs a series of mime vignettes. 
Each vignette is followed by a verbal and physical explanation of the elements seen in that vignette.  Then the students try it themselves.  This flow of performance followed by discussion and participation creates an exciting in-depth, hands-on exploration into the Art of Mime.               

               * Each workshop is geared for the age range involved. 
               * The workshops are geared to the curriculum.