Art of Mime
      by Janet Carafa 


      Mime * Physical Theater *  Pantomime * Choreography * Theatrical Mime * Movement Theater       


Concert Performance
Print Ads, TV
& Film
Museum Mime
Mime Around
the World
Yoga of Mime
Silent Fortune
Corporate Promotions
Store Window Mannequin
Event Producer



                  Experience great works of art with a visual twist! 
Mime performance alongside the artwork creates new and vivid images. 
The artwork comes to life and 
the viewer becomes part of the experience.  
Motion evokes wonderful new dimensions. 


Kauai Art Society
Click link below for 3 minute video

Interactive expression by Mime Artist Janet Carafa  highlights art opening


                                  Picasso Museum in Paris, France
         Interactive expression by Mime Artist Janet Carafa enhances and enriches great works of Art!